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  Grossroads International
  How does Grossroads work?
  Crossroads is a resource network. We take goods Hong Kong doesn't want and give them to people who badly need them.We collect those goods and give them out in the welfare arena(福利院)in Hong Kong,Mainland China,elsewhere in Asia,Eastern Europe and Africa.So Crossroads is just that:a Crossroads between need and resource.
  Who do we help?
  The welfare agencies we help do not run on large budgets(预算).They are grass-root groups who have seen a need and tried to meet it.They can't get the job done without back-up,though,so our task is to help them do their task.Our warehouse is full of goods,from computers to high chairs,clothing to books,stationery to medical provision,cupboards to dining sets.They send us a list of their needs and we try to match it with the resource we have in stock.
  How do we operate?
  Crossroads itself also operates on a low budget.We do not buy the goods we send.They are donated(捐赠).Similarly,rather than raising funds for freight(货运),we ask transport companies to donate their services.Nobody in our organization receives a salary.Even our full-time staff work on a voluntary basis.
  Those that donate goods and services:
  Factories            Manufacturers
  Hospitals          Hotels
  Educational Institutions       Householders
  Transport Companies        Offices
  Other Charities
  One resource that we are always in need of is people.While we receive large quantities of goods and there is never a short supply of requests for them,we are always in need of hands to help sort and prepare them for shipping.
  What can I do?
  We are always in need of people.We have a lot of tasks.If you are volunteering regularly,we can offer work in some of the following categories,some of the time.You are welcome to number your top three choices and we will do our best to accommodate(提供) them.
  Clothing categorization       Sewing
  Toy categorization        Furniture handling
  Book categorization        Driving
  Household goods categorization      Office work
  Electrical goods categorization      Book keeping
  Stationery categorization       Fund-raising
  Medical categorization
  Where to find us All volunteer work is done at our warehouse:
  Located in Basement Zone M of the Kai Tak Government Building
  Our warehouse hours:
  Postal Address:
  16 Man Tong,Silvermine Bay,Lantau Island,
  Hong Kong
  Office details:
  Ph:29849309 27409657
  E-mail:[email protected]
  Question:From the above brochure,we can conclude that________.
  A.people who work at Crossroads get low pay from it
  B.Crossroads doesn't give goods directly to the people who need them
  C.you can do whatever you like if you offer help at Crossroads
  D.Crossroads has collected more goods than needed
  解题方法与技巧:(1)仔细阅读题干,准确理解conclude一词的准确含义(即:推断,得出结论)。(2)仔细研读选项,把握其准确意思,从文章中选取相关信息,与此对照,去伪存真。(3)文章首段告诉我们"We collect those goods and give them out in the welfare arena in Hong Kong…",第二段作者又叙述道:福利院将人们的需求列成清单报给Crossroads,Crossroads负责配齐这些物品,由此可见,Crossroads doesn't give goods directly to the people who need them。

  2.When I opened my e-mail the other day,a pretty woman named Rachel appeared on my computer screen.She greeted me by name and started talking with great enthusiasm(热情).Every now and then she stopped to smile at me or blow a kiss.She was reading to me an e-mail from my brother,and a lot of it was about the trouble he had getting the phone company to give him a high-speed Internet connection.It was pretty cool.
  Rachel was there thanks to a new technology called Facemail.Facemail lets you send e-mail that gets read to the recipient(收件人) by an attractive male or female form or by a clown(小丑).The software,which is free,can be downloaded at www.facemail.com.
  Facemail faces are lifelike,and they simulate(模拟) emotions based on emotions-for example-that you put in your text.Type in:-X,and Rachel blows a kiss.
  Life FX,the company that develops the Facemail,is sure there are broad business uses.The reason e-business is not popular,the company says,is that buying over the Internet lacks the human touch.But what if you went to the Nike website and Michael Jordan greeted you by name,waited on you and personally closed the sale?And it is talking with Whirpool(惠尔普公司) about using the technology in a computer screen on a fridge.Then if Mom can't be home when the kids get back from school,she can leave a note with voice and image telling them what there is to eat.
  Facemail could get hot fast.Personally,I'm a fan.But Facemail should be used with care.The clown looks lively and funny at first.But if you select the clown,put a few rude words in an e-mail and add some angry emotions,you've got psychomail(疯人型电子邮件).
  Question:We can infer from the passage that Facemail ________.
  A.is likely to be used in other aspects(方面) of our daily life
  B.can destroy your e-mail if not properly used
  C.can be downloaded free of charge
  D.will take the place of the e-mail system
  解题方法与技巧:(1)准确理解题干的关键词汇"infer",意为"推断出",故所选答案不可以是文章所列事实,以此可排除C项。(2)准确理解B项含义:如果使用不当,Facemail会毁坏你的e-mail。在文章中找出相对应的语句:But if you select the clown,put a few rude words in an e-mail and add some angry emotions,you've got psychomail(疯人型电子邮件)。此句含义并非Facemail can destroy your e-mail。(3)根据尾段前两句话Facemail could get hot(流行) fast.Personally,I'm a fan,以及文章前部分对Facemail用途的描述,可得出答案。





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